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      I am reflecting on how there is something like a role for our ‘Music in Mind’ work and how we need to almost become someone else in order to successfully facilitate music-making.
      Has anybody found that too?
      The ‘Music in Mind’ role needs me to ground myself, physically and mentally – feel my feet on the ground, literally, and empty my mind from anything that is there at the time, thoughts, worries, self-doubt and anxiety.
      It needs me to be a servant to the music that wants to happen at that moment. My body becomes the instrument and I listen intently to what is going on.
      Determination and belief that something is going to happen are key, and yet I alone can’t do it without the other person or the group.

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      I find a regular warm-up activity or song really helps with grounding. It can become a signal for participants that music is about to happen, and it helps to focus my mind on the session ahead.

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